Eversheds supports the Mikoroshoni Primary School, Mombasa ‘Feed to Educate’ programme

featuredThe ‘Feed to Educate’ programme in the Mikoroshoni Primary School, Mombasa will be supported by Eversheds for the next three years.  

The programme will provide pupils of the Mikoroshoni Primary School, located in one of the most under-privileged communities in Mombasa, with nutritious food whilst attending daily lessons. A donation of £18,000 has been made by the Eversheds Charitable Trust to support the ‘Feed to Educate’ programme for the next three years, enabling meals to be provided to all pupils of the school.

Eversheds became engaged in the ‘Feed to Educate’ programme through the firm’s in-house Group Chef, Dennis Mwakulua. Dennis has been involved in the work and activities of the Mikoroshoni Primary School since 2015, when he first visited the school and was inspired by their work and presence in the local community. Knowing about Eversheds’ commitment to a wide range of social and community programmes, Dennis approached the firm’s Executive Team about the ‘Feed to Educate’ programme to seek their support.

Mikoroshoni Primary School is located in Shanzu village, Mombasa. It provides education for local children from some of the poorest families in the village, who might otherwise not attend school. Donations help the school to continue to pay teaching staff, provide books and equipment so that free education can be given to over 300 pupils. The future vision of the school is to provide an education that enables pupils to appreciate their cultural heritage within and outside their communities as well as supporting them to develop their talents and realise their potential.

Eversheds Chief Executive Bryan Hughes said:

“Supporting worthy causes is a well-established part of life at Eversheds but is especially rewarding when you can see an initiative making such a huge difference to people. This project is life-changing for the children of Shanzu village and we look forward to regular reports on their progress”.

Dennis Mwakulua Group Chef at Eversheds said:

“I grew up in Kenya and moved to the UK in 1994, with education and food both playing a big part in my life. Cooking is my passion. It has taken me to so many fantastic places, enabled me to meet some amazing people and, achieve professional recognition through the various national and international hospitality competitions that I have won. The ‘Feed to Educate’ programme and the work of the Mikoroshoni Primary School very much inspire me and I enjoy spending time speaking with the pupils about their aspirations, career dreams and the importance of education in their lives. The support from Eversheds is fantastic. I am sure it will make a big difference to the pupils of the school and I hope their involvement encourages other companies to join the initiative”.

Mikoroshoni Primary School is celebrating its 20th anniversary and has enabled hundreds of children to gain an education that they would otherwise have been unable to receive. For further information, click herehttp://www.mikoroshoniprimaryschool.org.uk/

The Eversheds Charitable Trust supports various charitable activities and in 2015, supported organisations including Crisis, Save the Children and Medicins Sans Frontieres with in total, over £260,000.

Restaurant Associates, part of the Compass Group, provide in-house catering services across seven Eversheds offices. Dennis Mwakulua, of Restaurant Associates, is the Eversheds Head Chef and is based in the firms London headquarters.