We need you!

The Friends of Mikoroshoni Primary school is a small independent charity, organised and administered by trustees in the UK, with the aim of providing education to children in the north area of Mombasa.

Mikoroshoni provides a free education for 300 pupils and therefore the charity is required to fund teachers’ wages, all the equipment required by the school and all the other bills, including electricity and water bills. The yearly cost necessary to provide all this is in excess of £30,000 per year and the charity has the responsibility of raising this through donations.

In August 1996 the school existed with 130 pupils, and consisted of a very ram-shackled construction barely a shelter from the elements! Since then the school has undergone a steady improvement to its buildings and now consists of classrooms and areas able to cater for in excess of 300 children, age from 3 to 15 years, and staff.


In 2008, due to many children coming to the school hungry, we began to feed the younger children. Then in 2009 we were able to extend our feeding programme to include the five older classes. Mikoroshoni is now committed to feeding all the children with one meal every day, as well as feeding them with knowledge!

Thanks to individual sponsors a few of the pupils have been able to go on to Secondary School and one or two are lucky enough to be sponsored at College.

Please consider registering to make a regular monthly contribution. £2 per month will feed a child, £3.5 per month will educate a child, – per year.

Our Just Giving site is the easiest and most convenient way to donate, the link is: