Lands end to John o’Groats ‘virtual’ walk

Keith Trinnaman is a proud trustee and treasurer for Friends of Mikoroshoni Primary School, and is pleased that we can bring great hope and opportunities to the 260 children that attend our school from the poorest communities in the village of Shanzu, Mombassa, Kenya.

One of the challenges faced a few years back was keeping the children engaged during lessons, it was discovered that many of them had not eaten properly for days and were therefore not able to concentrate. To overcome it was decided that any child attending MPS would receive one meal a day and so the feeding programme at Mikoroshoni started.

The yearly cost of this is approximately £8000, which equates roughly to £30 per child per year!

Many of these children have to walk many miles to attend school and so Keith thought he’d challenge himself and walk the distance from Lands End to John o’Groats, over a period of time. The tracking programme he is using (EndtoEnd LEJOG10) calculates the mileage to be 874, and he logs his miles walked each day to gauge how he is doing. At an estimated 5 miles a day Keith hopes to complete by 1st July, but is aiming to do it quicker.

It would greatly help and motivate him further with your support if you could donate any amount to keep Keith going. Just a pound would feed one child for one week! He’d love to reach at least £1 for each mile I cover.

Thank you so much for your support.