Mikoroshoni News – November 2016


Happy 20th Birthday Mikoroshoni Primary School 1996- 2016

Dear Friends of MPS,

It’s now 20 years since Pat & John Lloyd and Yvonne & John Brooker all went on holiday to Kenya. On a visit to Shanzu village we saw a building which was just a wooden frame with no walls and  no roof, six benches and a blackboard. This was a school for 130 pupils!

And so our story began. Little did we know that 20 years later we would still be involved in the life of Mikoroshoni Primary School. We now provide a good Primary Education for 300 pupils. We employ our Headteacher, Joshua Kadenge, Deputy Headteacher, Oscar Charo, and 12 other teachers, a caretaker & an assistant caretaker, a night time guard and two cooks.

The cooks provide a meal for every child on each school day. This is quite an achievement when you realise that they start work at 7am preparing the food and then cooking on 2 charcoal burners. They serve the food, wash all the pots and leave everything ready for the next day. We also try to provide a bag of maize flour for each child to take home at the end of every term.

Celebration Day – Friday 30th September

Pupils from Standards 1 to 8 attended the celebration along with Trustees Evelyn & John Lyall and John Brooker. Yvonne Brooker and Pat & John Lloyd were unable to make the journey but sent their good wishes, along with the other Trustees in the form of a letter which was read out at the event.

Special guests were invited to join the celebration – Solomon Mtungi, Joan Smith, Nellie Mwadilo, Diana Shikata & Christine Mwabili. They have been with us on our journey from the very beginning. Some of our ex pupils, who were sponsored to go to Secondary School, College and University also came to join the celebration. They are now in their teens & twenties.  

The children sang, danced and performed dramas to entertain the other children and the Special Guests. Then acrobats came to surprise everyone. There were many speeches and finally food for everyone –special Pilau rice was very well received and then cake was given out. Kennedy Masimba, one of our ex-pupils who was sponsored to go to catering college made the cakes. It was very difficult to cut them into so many pieces as the icing on the top was melting. Nevertheless it was a real treat for everyone. Whitesands Hotel kindly provided juice and bottled water for everyone.

It was decided that the three Kindergarten  classes would have their own party the following week as it would have been too crowded & too overwhelming to join in with the big celebration.

Mikoroshoni even made it into the Kenya national newspaper – The Nation. A reporter & a photographer attended the celebration and the article was printed on October 12th. We feel that Mikoroshoni really does have the recognition that it deserves.

None of this would have been possible without the generosity of hundreds of sponsors both past and present. You, the Friends of Mikoroshoni Primary School have enabled so many children to successfully complete their primary education.

The children, parents and staff  all appreciate everything you have done and continue to do for their community in Shanzu.