Mikoroshoni News – April to December 2018

In some ways everyday life in Mikoroshoni Primary School is very similar to our own schools at home. But in other ways it is very different as you can see from the Headteacher’s monthly reports.

• The heavy rains that we mentioned in our previous newsletter meant that one of the teachers, Peter Kahindi was unable to reach school on one occasion and was late on several other days. This was because he had to cross several swollen rivers on his way to the main road which leads to Shanzu village.
• Teacher Madam Peris was unable to reach Mikoroshoni for one week because of the heavy rains in her home region where she had travelled to visit her family.
• Deputy Headteacher, Mr Oscar and several of the children suffered from the effects of a waterborne disease on their feet. This was caused by them having to wade through the flood waters in the village.
• Although the rains brought many problems it was very welcome in school as it meant that water was now flowing from the taps.

• The floor in the upstairs classroom was in urgent need of repair. It was very worn and had numerous holes in it. The carpenter was called in and he carried out the necessary work.
• The names of children wanting places in Kindergarten 1 for 2019 were put forward by the management committee. There are only 25 places available.
• Six trainee teachers from Shanzu Teacher Training College did their teaching practise at Mikoroshoni working alongside the class teachers.

• Textbooks for the new curriculum were ordered and delivered. Mr Oscar numbered and stamped all the books and distributed them to each class. The pupils and teachers were so pleased to receive them. Up to then the teachers had to write the information on the chalkboard for the pupils to copy. Two pupils share each book. A very careful check is made at the end of the lesson to make sure that all the books are returned. The books are very precious.
• Once a year in each school a Deworming Day takes place. Each pupil is given a tablet and must then rest for 30 minutes.

• There was an outbreak of Cholera in Mombasa and some deaths were reported in Shanzu but none at Mikoroshoni. Health Officers from the Government came to school to advise the children and teachers about the importance of hygiene in helping to stop the spread of the disease.
• Headteacher, Joshua organised a film about the life of Jesus. The children and teachers were invited to watch the film in Joshua’s Church which is just a 2 minute walk from school. The film was part of their Christian Religion Education.
• More than 100 parents attended a meeting where they were encouraged to support their children in all aspects of school – by working hard, respecting their teachers and being proud to be a part of Mikoroshoni.

• Everyone had a three week break away from school. Most of the children spent their time in the village helping look after younger brothers and sisters, helping with household chores and some of the older ones trying to earn a few shillings by doing odd jobs.
• School re-opened on 27th August and the morning was spent cleaning the classrooms and the playground area. The teachers gave their schemes of work to the Headteacher to ensure that they were following the syllabus for their class.

• The toilets became blocked and it was found that the septic tank needed emptying as a matter of urgency! This was done for a cost of £350 and the problem is now solved. It was last emptied in 2005 so as you can tell it lasts a long time!
• Over 50 pupils are now members of the Girl Guides and Scouts. The boys had recently shown an interest in starting a scout group. They all practise marching every day after class under the guidance of Madam Kulthum.

• Trustee John Brooker spent 2 weeks at Mikoroshoni and Trustees Evelyn and John Lyall spent 3 weeks there. During this time they all worked extremely hard giving advice and support to the staff and pupils. Their presence is greatly appreciated as it is a link with all the supporters back in the UK.
• Sadly this month our very good friend, Joan Smith passed away. She was a lady from the UK who made her home in Kenya many years ago and was a great help to everyone at Mikoroshoni. Joshua says, “Joan has been very supportive to us all and was a very wise lady. She was much loved by us all.”
• Standard 8 exams took place at the end of this month. This is the KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education). Joshua, along with other headteachers had to go each morning at 6.30am to collect the exam papers. He was then escorted back to school by two armed policemen. The policemen stayed at school all day and finally escorted Joshua back to the collection centre with the completed exam papers.
• Once again every child took a very welcome and much needed bag of flour home for their family.

Some of our ex pupils have been lucky enough to be sponsored by individual people to go to University. Faith and Kelvin will graduate in December. Rehema has completed the first part of her Law Degree. Elizabeth is in her final year and is very involved in volunteering to mentor young people who are HIV positive. Faith has been involved in raising money to buy food and clothes for children in orphanages in Mombasa. It’s their turn now to lend a helping hand to others.

Once again we say a very big THANK YOU to all our supporters. Without your support there would be no MIKOROSHONI PRIMARY SCHOOL.