Mikoroshoni News – November 2014

Mikoroshoni News (3)Unfortunately Mikoroshoni has been very short of visitors from the UK during the past few months, due to the current Government advice against travel to the coastal region of Mombasa.

Evelyn and John, our trustees from Edinburgh, decided that they would go to Mombasa for 3 weeks in November. They were guests at a wedding which had been specially planned to coincide with their visit. They had a great time at the wedding even though they thought they had missed it! It was due to start at 11am, and then they heard it was 10am and thought they were too late but it actually took place at 12 noon. Time is of no importance in Kenya as all of us who visit have found out on many occasions!

wp8f9dfa07_05_06We have a new supporter, Ursula from Germany. She has been to Kenya many times and had already visited Mikoroshoni when she got in touch with us through our website. She was keen to help and has already found sponsors for three of our children through her own charity in Germany.

Joshua sends us regular monthly reports on the progress of the school. Pupils and teachers are all working hard. They have just finished their end of year exams and Standard 8 have taken their leaving exam the KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education). The results come out in January but up to now we have no sponsors to take anyone on to Secondary School in 2015.

The school buildings are in good order. The fence around the original buildings has now been replaced. It is a double chain link with a concrete base for extra stability. The doors, windows and stairs have all been varnished and are looking good.

The children are still enjoying their daily food. Joshua says ‘It is so important. It makes the children concentrate on their lessons.’ He also says the cost of charcoal is rising. Each sack now costs about £10. And we need 14 sacks every month!

Thanks to an extra donation we were also able to send every child home with a bag of maize flour to use during the Christmas holiday period.

During the year KG3, Standard 3 and Standard 8 have all been out on school trips.

Standard 8 enjoyed their day out to the Jedi ruins, a crocodile farm and the airport at Malindi.

These trips are always a great success as the children and their parents spend most of their lives in and around Shanzu village. There is never spare money to spend on trips out!

The new KG1 children, who are due to start school in January, will all be provided with a school uniform. The parents just cannot find the cost of uniforms. Many cannot even afford to feed their families. One parent washes clothes each day and earns 50 Kenya shillings a day (30pence). Another carries goods for people on a large handcart but most struggle to survive. The daily meal at school is so important and also the flour we have started to give out for the holidays.

Two of our ex pupils, Rehema and Faith, both of whom achieved extremely high grades in their KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) have been funded from the Peter Carr Charitable Trust,  to go to University.  (This trust was set up to support projects close to Peter’s heart – such as poverty in Africa and education for underprivileged children). Rehema is studying Law & Faith will begin her Commerce course in January.

Kelvin has been funded to study Conservation & Management, by the family who have supported him through his Primary and Secondary Education. All three have worked so hard to get good grades at Secondary School and we are sure they will continue to work hard to gain their degrees. They can look to the future with great hope.

Joshua, our Head teacher was also sponsored to study part time for a degree in Early Years Education. After 3 years he has finally finished the course and is awaiting his results. He has worked so hard, working through the night on many occasions and all through each holiday period, as well as doing an excellent job as Head teacher of Mikoroshoni.

We are all hoping that the situation changes for the better in Kenya very soon. So many people rely on tourism to support their families. Hotel workers and tour reps have been laid off until the tourists return and the beach boys who sell their wood carvings have no customers.

Once again we would like to say a very big THANK YOU to you all for your continued support. Like many charities we are finding it more difficult each year to keep up with the rising costs of funding Mikoroshoni. If you have any family members or friends who would like to join our Gift Scheme, or make a one off donation please get in touch with us. Having an education can make such a difference to these children. It brings hope for a future.


Evelyn and John returned from Kenya just before the newsletter was going to be photocopied so we can just add that they attended Prize Day. Just as they were setting off to walk to school the heavens opened and they had to go back inside as the paths turned into rivers! They went to school instead on a boda boda (a motorbike taxi).

Prizes were given for good work and also for the most punctual child and ‘the best turned out’. Joshua was given a prize from the teachers for all his hard work. He really is appreciated by everyone!

If anyone would like to set up a Standing Order or donate directly to our bank please ask for details

Thank you to those who have already signed the Gift Aid form. It really does make a difference to our funding. We have claimed over £4,000 during our last financial year. If you pay Income Tax and haven’t already signed a Gift Aid form please get in touch with us.